10 Advantages of Being Good at Geometry

Apr 08, 2020

Geometry is a part and parcel of mathematics. This intricate topic has several benefits in shaping a student’s career in future.

So if you are real good in this subject, you might be at an advantage because you’ll have a vast array of enticing career choices in front of you that are actually based on this same topic. Let’s go through them without much ado.

Computer graphics

This field bears immense career prospects along with a hefty paycheck if a person reaches a level of excellence with enough experience and education.

Computer graphics is entirely based on geometry- the ways through which images are transformed when they are viewed from various ways.

Medical imaging  

Medical imaging is the reconstruction of tumor shapes from CAT scans. It’s also implemented in other medical measurements.

Medical imaging is totally based on geometry. Lots of new geometric concepts are still developed for this field.


Robotics, another avant-garde form of education is strongly based on geometry. The concept of assembling robo parts to form the structure of a robot involves a lot of geometry. The best examples can be these robots formed from Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits. All these robot constructions do involve a lot of geometry.

CAD (Computer-aided design)

CAD is the representation of various shapes and figures on a computer. It’s basically the process of representing various shapes on computers, and utilizing descriptions to create these images.

CAD is strongly based on geometry and is an enticing career prospect.

Structural engineering

It’s almost obvious that this field would be strongly based on geometry because of the word “structure” involved in the field.

The engineers will have to test the specific shapes that are rigid according to the requirements or whether they are flexible enough also as per requirements.

Architectural engineering  

Architectural engineering implements strong geometrical concepts in designing various structures and figures. It’s an enticing career that can be pursued by a student having a firm base on geometry.

Civil engineering

This field deals with the design, maintenance and construction of physical as well as naturally built environment. These naturally built environments include works like bridges, canals, roads, etc.

Civil engineering is almost entirely based on geometry and is certainly a good career prospect.


Geometry has a significant influence on physics. Many physics topics incorporate the application of geometry. One example can be the depiction of the path of light in reflection and refraction. But the best example should be crystallography.

Crystallography’s the science of determining atom arrangements in a crystalline solid. Studies of these arrangements do require sound geometrical concepts.

Protein modeling

The function of a protein is usually determined by the shape and the ways through which the piece moves.

The study of such shapes does incorporate a lot of geometrical concepts.

With that, we will bring our career prospects of geometry to an end but do you think that enticing career opportunities are the only benefits of geometry? Geometry is everywhere. It is there even on this very same page. The different structures of the letters incorporate a lot of geometry. Angles, segments, straight lines, etc. are present in each and every letter of a language.

Being good at geometry will help you to identify structures and symmetries quickly because you’ll be able to implement your geometrical concepts effectively. This practice will result in an improved reasoning ability which will be pretty beneficial in the long run and also in a job hunt.

Hope we made our point across. Ciao!

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