5 iOS Chemistry Apps for Teachers And Students

Mar 18, 2020

Chemistry can really appear to be quite tricky to many students. The formulae, the organic structures of chemical compounds, the numerical can definitely be a source of a headache to many students. This headache mainly occurs because of the complexity and similarity of the formulae and numerical. The wide array of chemical compounds also makes this subject fairly difficult from the student’s point of view.

There are a few apps available in the market that can provide effective Chemistry lessons to students. We have listed a few iOS Chemistry apps that are tailor made for students and teachers. Let’s go through them without further ado.


The main objective of this app is to balance a chemical equation. The app will present the users with one/more molecules, and their task is to break the molecular bonds by swiping across the bond link on one hand and get the atoms/elements on the other.

Soon afterwards, they have to combine the correct atoms by fetching the atoms close to one another, to recreate new molecules that can be formed by a chemical reaction of the initial molecules. ChemIQ is available for download on iTunes and the best thing is this app’s available for free.

Chemcraft Periodic Table

Like the name suggests, this app is based on periodic table and contains more than 30 details about each element known to mankind. It features many graphical representations of significant properties of chemical compounds and it also features a web-browser that’s directly linked to Wikipedia. Users can click on that for more information. The app also features a “how-to” guide and a built-in calculator.

The elements in the periodic table can be arranged alphabetically, by element category or by atomic number, thereby allowing the user to better understand the details. This app’s available on iTunes for a free.


ChemCalc is a convenient chemistry app for students and teachers to calculate the molecular weight of chemical compounds and also learn basic properties chemical compounds on iPad.

ChemCalc is available on iTunes and is available for free for download.

JR Chemistry Set

This app’s a handy as well as a powerful reference tool for students and teachers. This beauty of this app is that this one’s suitable for almost all age groups. The app contains an interactive periodic table that’s based on the innovative Rota period allowing the users to combine these elements into compounds. The app then also displays the formation of these compounds to the users.

The app also provides users with challenges and games where students have to make specific compounds, describe the history of the universe and so on.

Some important topics that are covered by this app are:

  • Atomic number,
  • Atomic weight,
  • Boiling point,
  • Melting point,
  • Heat of fusion,
  • Heat of vaporization,
  • Electrical conductivity,
  • Ionization energy,
  • Electro negativity,
  • Ionic radius,
  • Density,
  • Van der Waals radius,
  • Class,
  • Valences,
  • State,
  • Radioactivity etc.

JR Chemistry Set is available on iTunes.

Salts: atoms, ions, electrons

Students will be able to learn about many important topics like the Coulomb’s law, the different states of matter, the behaviors of ions through this app. Students will be able to discover the properties of minerals, physics behind structures and explore the various effects of charge, bond strength etc. through this app.

 “Salts” is available on iTunes at a nominal price.

That should be all for now. Hope you had a good read. Ciao!

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