5 Key Questions Students Need to Ask at an Office Interview

Apr 11, 2020

Preparing for a job interview? Both matters a lot when you want to make your career right way. Applying for all the open positions in most of the companies through email is a good idea, but the employer needs to make a decision of calling you for an interview. Your resume has to say it all about yourself, your educational background, skill set and your hobbies or interests. Finally, if you see a response to the job interview which you’ve applied some days back, you will feel excited right?

It is not from a friend, a neighbor or your professor but a real company. So you need to prepare most out of it. It is a nerve-wracking moment for everybody who attends a job interview. Of course, you are all well prepared to answer the questions by the interviewer. But after that, the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions?”.

It just blacks out, and you say “No.” You cannot prepare the questions at that time by asking for more time. You have to ask the right questions to an interviewer, and they need to be relevant as well.

Here are the 5 Key questions students need to ask at an office interview.

Is there any opportunity for intern development?

A company with strong internship program will just not make you an employee but also gives space to extend your knowledge on the existing skillset or develop the new ones. You can have the time to do other extracurricular activities.

The things include trips to other offices, mentorship programs, social service activities and building your new skills. Outside of regular daily tasks, having other programs enrich the knowledge of the employee so it is a must-ask question for those who want to build their skills even after getting the job.

Is Academic Credit Required?

You receive academic credit through your school to finish the internship in some internship programs. This may cause you to do some administrative task from your part along with paying unexpected tuition fees. The student needs to ask the coordinator about this to prevent any financial burden.

In addition to that, students can ask for educational opportunities within the company. Getting professional experience along with getting academic credit is like killing two birds with one stone.

What’s the Management Culture here?

As an intern, the students are not allowed to sit in meetings with some companies. So, it is a good question to ask if you want to know whom you have to report and what are your day to day responsibilities. You can get to know that whether you are allowed to sit in meetings and interact with senior staff.

Some company managers are very interactive and hands-on throughout the process of work while other just gives you the assignment and evaluate you after you provide them with the end product. You can able to develop a better work style that suits you when you progress through the professional life of yours. Asking this question about management culture shows that you are a self-examining worker who is willing to know about your own atmosphere.

Ask questions about the Company:

Do some little extra research about the company before showing off in an interview. This can help you understand better about the particular company and their overall operations. It is wise to ask your doubts about the company as this shows your involvement towards the role they are offering. Make a note of what the interviewer is saying for your questions and anticipate. Asking questions like this can put you over other applicants. This makes you are very curious about the office as well as the job role you are about to start.

Whom should I contact?

This can be your last question because asking too many questions will make the interviewer feel annoying, and you should finish as soon as possible. He/She might say “Okay. We will call you shortly”, to end the session. You can ask for the notification time frame and the timings of the office. If you ask this question, you might get a point of contact in the office especially someone whom you could call if you have any further questions.

In short, just like you create an excellent marketing plan for college you should also prepare one such plan for the interviews. These are right questions to ask, but the best one comes from being an exquisite close listener. The interview is not just a one-way evaluation as the interviewer also gives you time to ask the questions. So, use your time wisely by asking the above questions.

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