7 Problems Some Math Students Know Too Well

Apr 10, 2020

Not everybody is good in Math. Each student learns things in different ways and at different paces. But when it comes to learning Math, there are some math problems that persists while studying it. Listed below are 7 most common problems some math students know too well.

1. Learning a New / Different Language:

When your tutor flips through the slides fast by explaining the formulas, theorems, equations, and postulates, it helps students take notes quickly. Then what student does is, just write is down quickly to preserve at least some amount of the lesson for later reference. Students blindly take notes without even having time to absorb the study material.

When they happen to read it later, it might be shown to them in a different language that they don’t even know. So, who want to revisit the same page again to study for an exam?

2. Turn in Your Papers; Time is Up!

You are deep digging the solution to the actual math problems, working out each and individual question and finding out how Nemo can use the distance formula to determine the distance to his mother (unfortunately he doesn’t have Google maps).

After all the workouts to your question and checking back the solutions, you realize you only have fewer minutes left to finish the exam. Finally, the exam supervisor says, “Turn in Your Papers, Time is Up.” It will bring you down on sweating.

3. Not Having Constant Catch Up:

When others are moving to the next chapter, some students spend weeks to master one particular concept as they are not having enough time or their pace of learning is just slow. It is same as running on a treadmill that speeds out of control.

4. Staying Late to Understand the Concept:

If the student didn’t understand a particular topic, he/she might spend some extra hours to receive any additional assistance, and it is not a new thing. But when everyone left the school after classes, the students will find it difficult to learn anything as their memories be with their home and the plan for this weekend. Staying late only makes the student feel annoying, and the student will end up learning nothing new as he fails terribly to understand the new topic. So, you know where you are headed, just straight to the usual seat after school study session.

5. Forgetting Equations:

When students finished learning a new concept and even mastered it, some students might forget everything they already knew about some topic in geometry, calculus or algebra. It can be anything, forgetting equations and formulas when seeing similar kind of formulas in a different chapter will definitely make a confusion. When they prefer to learn a new concept, it completely derails everything that the student knew already. This is the worst case scenario that most math students know too well.

6. Asking for Doubts:

You know that asking doubt alone with your hand up is an embarrassing moment. Because everyone knows and understand the concept clearly except you. Or they even just pretend to know the topic well. Then the tutor begins to explain the topic only to you and finally ask you the solution to a given problem because the explanation is for only you, no one else. You are desperately searching for a solution and some students even don’t understand the concept even after an explanation as they need their own space of time to learn. This can lead to students to not ask any doubts even if they have one.

7. Thinking that it is not for him/her:

After so many problem workouts and errors, finally, what students does is just give up learning that concept. The thought which crosses in their minds after failing a rough exam causes the students think that it is not for him/ her. This can derail the entire career of the student as math is the crucial one to score in an exam. Students need to think positively and never give up to succeed in their career as Math is one of the essential subjects that every employer sees on the resume.

You should know the best ways to simplify math problems. There are always some ways to learn smarter, find out your positives and learn according to that, nothing is impossible. So, keep on trying and you will get through the class definitely. Best of luck for your future career.

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Sudipto Das

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