8 Tips to Up-Level Your Online Teaching

Jul 29, 2021

Online teaching is the new way of classroom management for teachers. Teachers of the modern classroom are either going for a hybrid classroom or for a full online mode classroom. Moreover, the modern classroom has embraced technology and expanded beyond the walls of its own limitations.

Our present times have made us shift into a perspective different from the traditional one. The education sector also leaped into the virtual mode. In the virtual mode, teachers have changed their teaching style to suit the student’s understanding.

Teaching through online modes is not without challenges. However, these challenges are no different than what pupils face in an offline class. The focus has to be always on making pupils understand and grasp concepts. While people think that online classrooms fail at achieving this objective, the truth is if approached properly, this objective is not impossible.

The classroom has changed, so the teacher needs to change. And when we say the teacher needs to change, it does not mean that the conventional teachers need to be replaced. No matter how much technical equipment we use, the truth is that we will always remain dependent on teachers. The new-age teachers need to upgrade their skills in the classroom. The students are adapting to a new type of classroom. The teacher needs to stay prepared to tackle any challenge that the students face. These challenges are learning challenges. The learning challenges need the cooperation of teachers so that the students ease into this learning pattern of online classrooms.

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Below, we will elaborate on how to upskill your teaching skills in the online classroom. In this article, we will talk about the ways in which you can make online teaching more effective for your students.

Keep the module simple

The simpler the teaching instruction, the more the students assimilate. In offline classes, the teaching module is direct, and you can make the lessons longer. You can assign longer lessons and increase the class timing. However, when the same situation shifts to the online space, the teacher needs to be more flexible. The lessons need to be broken into smaller sessions so that the students remain interested. The online mode is an indirect method where you are talking to your students via a screen. It is very difficult to hold a person’s attention through the screen. This is especially true for kids.
Kids do not have a long attention span. Thus, the lessons should be simpler and broken down into smaller portions so that they are easily assimilated by the students.

Gauge expectations and learn about them

The students have certain expectations from the online method of teaching. They have it especially because they are not acquainted with the new mode of teaching. The students will be waiting to experience the online classroom mode through your instructions. Every student has some expectations from the classroom and the teaching style. So, you have to adapt your teaching style to meet their expectations. The expectations of the students need to be estimated from time to time. Their expectations keep changing from time to time. Therefore, the teacher needs to gauge their needs and expectations from time to time. You have to let the expectations of the students settle in and learn about them from the beginning.

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Let them focus on their critical thinking skills

The critical thinking skills of a student come to his help from time to time. A student needs to develop his critical thinking skills from a young age. The critical thinking skills come to their help at any point in their life. In fact, critical thinking skills will help students develop deeper thinking and understanding of a subject. Critical thinking skills are needed for every student and in every subject. You can focus on the student’s problem-solving skills. This will help them acquire the most needed skills for their life. This way, they can excel in their subjects and academics.

Take different types of tests and low-risk assessments

In your syllabus, try incorporating tests with an increased frequency. Try testing your students on a regular basis so that you get to know where your students stand when it comes to studies. When you test your students on a regular basis, you will get valuable feedback about your teaching style and where you need to improve. By low-risk assessments, you help your students achieve a good revision on the lessons taught till now. Then, you can emphasize on the topics that are the most important ones and need more focus. Low-risk assessments help the students in self-studying and understanding the concepts in a better way. The students can recapitulate the concepts and easily remember everything taught in a class. This tactic helps in boosting students’ memory retention.

Seek external resources- What you teach inside the classroom is all in your territory, a territory that you share with your students. When you seek external resources and advice from others, you broaden your perspective as a teacher. You can seek the help of people who are experienced in the field of teaching and online instruction.  The teacher can also take feedback from the parents and how to improve teaching methods too.  Sometimes, when you face an idea block, external resources come to the rescue. In fact, through instructional videos and audio, you can learn how to make your online class more interesting for the students.

Assess yourself through self-standards

One of the best ways to improve your online teaching method is to use a method of self-reflection. By introspection and thought, you can figure out where your teaching style is lacking. Like all other things, the teaching style can also be improved. The best improvements come from you because you know where you can improve. It is important to reflect on your own style and learn constantly from different sources.

Student involvement

For a good classroom setting, even in an online class, you need to involve the students. With student involvement, you can know what exactly the students want from you as a teacher. With student involvement, the classroom becomes interesting, and learning is mutual.

Build a community

When you are teaching online, the students can feel detached and disinterested in the class. One way to bring back their interest and involvement is to create a student community online just like one that existed in an offline environment. Although the classroom is not identical, students will learn in a community and grow.

These are the few ways in which you can improve your teaching methods and make the most out of your online classroom.

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