How an Expert Online Tutor talks about the Profession

Apr 05, 2020

Yes, you heard it right, how an expert online tutor talks about the profession? The characteristics of an online tutor are described by a college student on his blog recently. The learning pattern may vary for each and individual student, and the online tutor needs to identify the patterns for training every student individually. For this, choosing an ideal online tutor is an important thing.

An online tutor is about to give us her opinions about the students’ needs nowadays. So, this can be a question answer segment for choosing the best online tutor.

What is your opinion about handling sessions for students? Had you tackled the same student multiple times?

She said that she got mostly positive reviews from the same students, and the students are looking more confident and happy to match with her one more time. Along with that, there are few cases in that some students might get disappointed. Those students don’t co-operate much with the tutor just issuing the answers to themselves.

Why do Students think that Math is Irrelevant?

Few students understand the concept and memorize them quickly while others need to get hands-on experience. If she explains it one more time, then they will pick it up clearly.

Give some example of either type of students you are handling when teaching?

She said there are some students who don’t understand some concept irrespective of how many times you say something. They only understand it when given a practical example of something. She believes that this because some students think that math is irrelevant, and it is not used in day to day life. So, she has to give out a practical example of how this particular concept is applicable in day to day life. These kind of students are always challenging, and she says that these students help tutors grow and expand their knowledge. It is in fact fun to learn new concepts, but repeating the same things again and again is kind of boring. She has to crack the non-believers in order to get the fulfillment.

Does the Time Matter?

Yes, time does matter a lot, because when the tutors decide to invest their time to teach someone something, there they need to lookup multiple factors. One of the main things is time, so the tutors spending the time with students is worth dollars as this includes funny personality and obvious intelligence.

How do you relate your students?

Well, in her face to face sessions, she always ensures that her lessons are interspersed with something that is beside the point. She tries to keep the environment in a way so that the students will feel free to ask any doubts. She clears it right away appropriately, so the student’s concerns are heard as this boosts their confidence.

Is it Cost-effective for students to get Online tutoring?

More number of students think that it is very cost effective to get tutoring online. She said about one of her students that she loves to continue with her but she can’t afford it. It has been an unrepresented minority in her belief, and she is confident that as they grow, it will ensure that everyone will be able to benefit.

Your opinions about boosting students’ confidence?

She is really honest that the article by the college student is really an eye-opener for the online tutors out there who just settled down with providing excellent service. It is not enough as they need to make sure that they are so excellent in what they do that their one day is not sufficient for any appointments. Students are not only confident about their own assignments, but also their confidence nurtures along with the entire outlook on the subject changes.

From her point of views, it is very clear that an expert online tutor is a guru for each and every student as this not only depends on the tutors but solely depends upon the future of the students. Students dedicate their time in online tutoring classes just to develop their skills and the tutors just need to be awesome to provide quality education to the students. So, the tutors need to think about the students’ future and act accordingly which should reflect in their way of teaching in a way that the student understands the concept clearly.

As the students need to enhance their skills, it is always the best option to choose a tutor who updates their knowledge frequently so that the student benefits from it.

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