How Mobile Tutoring Can Improve Upon Online Classes

Apr 06, 2020

The study on the effectiveness of “Online credit recovery” is recently done by the American Institutes for Research. The study shows that after failing a course, high school students have frequently used as a second possibility of obtaining back the credits. These third-party sources which allowed students to take the courses at their own pace of time.

The conducted research shows that these type of online courses has not helped most of the students graduate on time compared to the full-time students. Students who take the course face to face are more likely to pass than the students who take classes online.

There is a crucial difference in the study which NPR points out.

It is that the in-person mentor should take the initiative of providing instructional support to the students who want to learn online. So, with the help of actual math, the pass rates of the students who take a class online will rise to an extent where the students are taking face to face classes.

If you leave a student with a computer and an e-learning book alone, you can’t expect the student to ask right questions or comprehend the study material. The multiple online courses are surely a black hole for communication without the attentive feedback mode. It is very easy to see the situation of a student who use online credit recovery as his / her last chance to graduate but fails one more time.

How to Turn Failures to Success?

Failure is the inevitable part which plays an essential role in students’ life as well as in business or technology development. Mistakes happen everywhere, so students need to come out of it by bold experimentation and have to move on to learning new things.

The tutor has to motivate and encourage a student in every possible way so that the student can transform the failures to success. There is a saying called “Failures are the stepping stones to success” which suits this situation best. Because it not only depends on the effort of the student but also depends on tutor’s part.

How mobile tutoring can improve upon online classes is by motivating the student in every possible way. The convenience of being in the comfortable place along with a high-speed internet which paired with the personal attention of a live, personalized online tutor. The chat based interface in mobile can make the students respond and interact in a certain way which helps in learning things. Also, students can clarify their doubts accordingly. They can also interact with their online classmates, and it is recognizable and takes off the edge in traditional learning.

In another point of view, it hard to compare the brand of tutoring to online credit recovery. The thing is to catch up after failing, but what to do before failing? The tutors need to pay attention to each and individual student so that he/she will be able to identify their weakness and positives. This helps in guiding the students better way so that the student learn well. The beauty of online reading is that the student can learn everything at his/her own pace with the comfort of being in the home or any other comfortable place. The student only needs a mobile with high-speed internet and changing the learning process into chatting makes the student more interested in learning a particular topic.

Tutors can also instruct the students and can show them the relevant videos which help students understand the concept easily and quickly. It may be physics, chemistry or math; the real thing is guiding the students correctly. A study shows that the students who learn along with a visual presentation can able to grasp the technologies quickly as compared to the students who just refer books for learning. As the human brain is designed in such a way to understand things after repetition, making the online students study or view a particular topic multiple times make them expect on that subject. The tutor has to make the study material interesting so that the students refer it again and again.

So, you can now understand that the mobile tutoring always picks up when even the online lectures fail. By making things clear and understandable in mobile tutoring, it ranks high compared to other learning methods. The mobile tutoring can improve upon  online training classes  by guiding the students accordingly.

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