How To Encourage My Child In Coding?

Feb 07, 2023
How To Encourage My Child In Coding?

In today's era of digitisation, each one of us is well familiar with the usage of smartphones, tablets, and other electronics. Kids are no exception to this. In fact, they are better than us when it comes to technology. Some kids even start to develop a great interest in coding and programming their own games.

So, why not refine their skills and encourage them to code? If you are confused as to what is the right age for your kids to learn to code, we will guide you through this article.

Coding for kids: Where to start?

Coding for kids: Where to start

If your kid has started to show interest in coding, you might be faced with the daunting task of figuring out where to start with. There are various avenues like books, YouTube videos, websites, and courses to start with.

But, it is always better to start slow and make your child enjoy coding. Here is a step-by-step guide in which you can begin.

Introduce the basic first: 

To master any concept, one should get the basics strong. Make your kids understand the very idea of coding. This you can do through any article or book which covers the basics of coding.

Begin with something small:

Since your kid has just begun to understand how coding works, you can now have your kids start something small. This can include introductory mobile applications like Daisy the dinosaur, and Move the Turtle. This way your kid will learn to code along with having fun.

Move on to something bigger:

 Now that your kid is well-versed in the basics, it's time to move on to something better. You should remember that at this stage your kid is not an expert but he is ready for the next step. In this way, your kid will slowly and steadily learn coding with ease and fun.

At what age should a child start coding?

There is no prescribed age limit. This is because every child learns at his/her own pace. But, kids as young as 7 years old can start coding and learn the basics of programming.

In fact, today's world is the world of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Coding has become an essential part of the education sector. If kids start learning coding from an early age, it provides them with many opportunities to acquire new skills. They can explore several career opportunities in the future.

Why is coding important for kids?

There are many advantages to teaching coding to kids. Below mentioned are just a few of them.

Improves problem-solving skills:

Coding allows children to tackle complex problems. It also allows breaking them into smaller parts for their solutions and analysis. This problem-solving approach helps kids and teens understand how to approach problems in life and find solutions for them by using logic and computational thinking. Logical thinking is a powerful skill. It helps people in every aspect of life.

Coders are in high demand:

Today is the time of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The scope of jobs in computing is increasing rapidly. The demand for coders is rising daily. It is estimated that graduates with computer science skills can earn 40% more than the average college graduate.

Makes kids creative:

Coding helps in developing apps, games, websites, and much more. It can become a creative and enjoyable activity. Learning to code is like learning a new language. It gives the power to a person to develop something new and creative. It ultimately makes a person more creative.

Coding strengthens academic skills:

Besides programming skills, coding also encourages the development of skills like critical and mathematical thinking and planning among kids. Development of such skill sets early in kids will assist them in their academic and professional life.

How to learn to code for kids?

Today is the era where kids navigate modern-day gadgets like mobiles, tablets and computers. They are well-versed in computer skills from a young age. Below mentioned are some resources through which your child can start learning to code.

Daisy the Dinosaur:

It is a game. It can help your kid to learn the basics of coding. Once the game is completed then it has an option. It allows the user to create his own computer game.

Kids Ruby:

It is a program. It was created to teach kids Ruby code. It can be downloaded. It gives a nice experience of Ruby.

Hackety Hack:

It is the next step for the kids who have learnt from Kids Ruby.


This app is suitable for kids up to the age of 9 to 11. It helps kids program games by using video tutorials. Kids can play the game created by this app.


To sum up, it can be said that coding has become the language of the 21st century. Encouraging kids for coding will equip the kids with the necessary skills for their future. It will also help them in today's dynamic competitive era.
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