How to Relieve the Math Stress

Apr 09, 2020

Math stress usually surfaces when the students get into their high schools. Most students adapt to stress in their own way but some fail to do that resulting in a drastic effect.

Failing to cope up with stress isn’t very unusual. If your child is struggling to cope up with the math stress, do not lose hope. Always remember that s/he is not the only one in the whole world who’s struggling with the subject. S/He is never alone.

Math stress shouldn’t exactly be looked upon a part of a problem. Rather it should be seen as a part of the solution.

There are several ways through which the math stress can be relieved. Let’s go through them without much ado.

Determine the causes of math anxiety

This is considerably the first and foremost step to curb the math stress.

Math anxiety is directly related to the stress. Therefore, it’s necessary to go to the roots and find the causes of the math anxiety.

How will you solve the problem if you have no idea about the causes behind the problem? That’s the main point.

Implement a relaxation technique   

Yes, we are talking about the traditional stress-relieving techniques.

Deep breaths, counting the breaths can relieve the stress considerably.

But then please remember that such relaxation techniques are not that easy for children to perform. Those are usually meant for adults. Children might easily get frustrated with traditional techniques. SO we ask you to bear with them and encourage them to continue. Even a 2-minute relaxation can work wonders.

If your child’s facing immense difficulty to implement such techniques, you can do something different. Listening to a soothing music can release stress to a great extent. Even simple rhythmic activities like tapping fingers consistently on a table can reduce stress effectively.

Think ahead to relieve stress

One of the main reasons behind math stress is poor planning. Students let things pile up before exams and as soon the exam knocks on their doors, they almost lose their minds.

They start cramming in as much preparation as possible within those precious hours, thereby building pressure day by day. With pressure, comes stress which is undesirable. Some students can actually do well under pressure. They can cope up wonderfully well and can perform to the best of their abilities but do remember that the number is just a handful. Most students fail to cope with pressure like we said above resulting in a poor performance in exams.

Smart planning is an effective way to ease the math stress.

Noting down difficult math formulae and keeping them at easily noticeable locations can help students memorize them easily. We recommend you to ask your child to note down difficult formulae according to chapters in a tabular form and keep it pasted on the study table or on any easily noticeable locations. That ought to do the trick nicely.

Prompt study routine involving math homework each day at a specific time should be effective enough. But do remember that that specific routine should actually be implemented in action. Only then can you bring the stress under control.

Math stress should never be seen as a form of problem. Even if you think that it is a problem, never use the term in front of your child.

Never vent out your frustration in front of your child even if s/he is struggling long enough with a specific sum. If you do so, your child will lose his/her self-confidence. Just make sure that your child is following an effective plan and you’ll definitely see the improvements in his/her performance.

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