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Top 20 Plagiarism Checker Tools That Helps Teaching Professionals

Any educator in today’s time has to check multiple assignments of the students, and it is common to see the students submitting plagiarized content. Gone are the days when teaching professionals had

Jun 18, 2021 Academics Life Hacks
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10 Biggest Reasons To Learn Korean In 2021

Across the world, many languages are there, but why you need to learn Korean in 2021? It's a question comes to many people's mind. Well, the first thing is people are crazier about the BTS, Parasite, Samsung, Gangnam style, Kimchi, Tteokbokki, and others. But it is not all about Korea. Th

Jun 17, 2021 Academics
Sudipto Das

The SAT Math Test: Important Lessons Related To Problem Solving And Data Analysis

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is an entrance exam used to conducted by many colleges and universities in the U.S. It is created by the College Board to make the admission decisions. The SAT Math Test mostly focuses on the math problems in colleges and higher education levels. The SAT Math Test

Jun 10, 2021 Academics

Checklist for International Candidates to Study MBA in Canada

Canada is slowly obtaining popularity among international candidates because of the MBA courses. Canada is among the top 5 study destinations of the international students for MBA. Easy lifestyle and friendly immigration policies are two other reasons behind this popularity of Canada. Moving on t

May 02, 2021 Academics Study Abroad

Best Apps to Learn High School Maths

High school math includes various complicated topics and several candidates find the classroom learning insufficient to learn these topics clearly. Taking help of educational apps is a common scenario in this matter. In both AppStore and Google PlayStore, you can get several apps and each claims

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Math Tutoring Startup Connecting Tutors to Students via Mobile Chatting

Thomas Edison once said that the books would soon be out of date in the government-funded schools; our educational system will be totally changed within ten years. In any case, one of our country’s most essential inventor was demonstrated entirely off-base. The American training system has

Apr 11, 2020 Academics
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7 Problems Some Math Students Know Too Well

Not everybody is good in Math. Each student learns things in different ways and at different paces. But when it comes to learning Math, there are some math problems that persists while studying it. Listed below are 7 most common problems some math students know too well. 1. Learning a

Apr 09, 2020 Academics
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How to Relieve the Math Stress

Math stress usually surfaces when the students get into their high schools. Most students adapt to stress in their own way but some fail to do that resulting in a drastic effect. Failing to cope up with stress isn’t very unusual. If your child is struggling to cope up with the mat

Apr 08, 2020 Academics