John Horton

Placing Real Numbers on the Number Line: An Easy Guide

A real number is any number that can be found on the number line, including both positive and negative numbers, whole numbers, and decimal numbers. Simply put, real numbers are all the numbers that exist in the mathematical universe, including the rational and irrational numbers. I. Pl

Feb 08, 2023 Maths
John Horton

Real Numbers: A Guide to Understanding the Basics

Real numbers are the numbers that can be expressed as points on a number line. They include all the rational and irrational numbers and can be expressed in decimal form. 1. Concepts of Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers, Integers, Rational Numbers, Irrational Numbers, Real Numbers, and Alg

Feb 03, 2023 Maths
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How To Improve In Mental Maths Skills?

Do you want to become mentally agile and solve math problems quickly? If yes, then improving in mental maths skills could be the answer! Using mental maths can drastically improve your proficiency at problem-solving, allowing you to work through calculations faster. This blog post will

Jan 25, 2023 Maths

Best Apps to Learn High School Maths

High school math includes various complicated topics and several candidates find the classroom learning insufficient to learn these topics clearly. Taking help of educational apps is a common scenario in this matter. In both AppStore and Google PlayStore, you can get several apps and each claims


How to Learn Math Fast and Accurately?

Students rigidly hate math because of the complicated formulas and large numbers. But while hating math, the students miss out the interesting concepts underneath. This is because students hate this subject so intensely that they cannot expect anything good or interesting in

Apr 03, 2021 How To and Tips Maths