Should Your Child Learn to Code?

Apr 01, 2020

In this modern era, people are expected to know about the ways through which they can access the connected world, starting from computers, the internet to smartphones, drones, etc. But accessing the devices or the technology is definitely not enough. People should know how to develop such a technology. They should know about the working of such a technology. Thus, the importance of coding comes into existence, and we can assure you that programming a computer is one of the most significant skills recognized by the modern society. Coding has become a part of the basic literacy. So; should your child learn to code? We’ll see to that in more detail.

Coding is the basic form of technological literacy

Kids are growing up in a world consisting of smart phones, computers, Twitter, Netflix, etc. Even their toys aren’t exempted. The toys have become digital. Example- Dash and Dot etc.

Like we said above, learning to use them is not enough. They have to comprehend the underlying logic. Programming enables kids to tweak and treat the digital world as per their choice. Figuring out the logic behind the working of these technologies will draw back the magic that these technologies present.

‘Digitality’ has brought a sea-change in the world

In ancient days, written word was considered to be the only form of communication. Nowadays, it can be said with conviction that writing is definitely not enough. A future will soon come up where the inability to implement minimum logic or code will be deemed illiterate. It’s, therefore, necessary for your child to get into programming from an early age.

Your child will learn to be creative and will actually bring those creative ideas to life

Creativity is one of the keys of programming. Anyone can think of an idea. But few can bring it to life. Your child can actually bring his/her ideas to life on this platform. They will also be able to develop their very own solutions to a problem. Such ability will make your child a stand out among the crowd.

Your child will be able to hone his/her problem-solving technique

Learning to code helps your kid develop critical problem-solving ability. It helps him/her develop specific problem-solving techniques. Your child will be able to look at the bigger problem and will be able to implement effective ideas to solve the same. The key to solving bigger complex problems is to break the large problem into smaller, manageable ones. The important thing to remember here is that critical problem management is not only important in computer science but is also important in other subjects and other fields of life.

Programming is a type of story telling

Programming is purely based on logic which is a significant aspect of story-telling. This is because a programmer will have to know “what” s/he should write and “why” he should write.

Lastly, we should mainly highlight the fact that coding is fun. Once your child gets the hang of it, s/he will certainly get back to it again and again. Professional tutors can definitely inculcate programming love in kids. With that, we’ll sign off for now. Ciao!

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Sudipto Das

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