Six effective tips to encourage Independent Learning for Kids Age 6-12

Sep 02, 2021
Six effective tips to encourage Independent Learning for Kids Age 6-12

Independent learning is considered the most effective option for children to develop their learning skills. There are multiple benefits associated with independent learning. And the best thing about encouraging your child for independent learning is that it could help your child to have more self-confidence and a greater sense of understanding. But it is important for you to help your child develop independent learning at a very young age.

During primary school, the kids grow and change to a great extent, so you should encourage your child to independent learning at this stage. Independent learning must be developed from home. You must know that independent learning is an effective method of learning without the support of any supervisors or adults. For effective independent learning, the kids need to develop their own research skills and choose their best educational material for better learning. Some of the best benefits associated with enhancing independent learning are mentioned below :

  • It helps in developing time management and organizational skills in the best possible manner.
  • The kids could easily learn the ability to work with multiple options.
  • It also works to help the kids in boosting their creative thinking capabilities for better learning.
  • In addition to that, the kids could also enhance their reading and writing proficiency quickly.
  • Independent learning also increases the motivation, confidence, and academic performance of the kids. The students could boost their academic scores quickly.
  • It also helps in enhancing the awareness of their limitations and abilities to manage their work by themselves.

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These are some of the popular benefits of encouraging your kid to learn independently. But these benefits could be achieved only when you help your child with independent learning. In fact, there are numerous tips that could help you to encourage your kids to effectively start with independent learning. Some of the best tips are mentioned below :

  • Target priorities

The most effective way to enhance independent learning is to target the priorities. Make sure what the main priorities are for the particular period, and then your kid could focus and target on achieving those priority tasks in the first place. It is the way through which the kids understand to divide their work as per the requirements and then try to complete it within no time. You could engage your kid in some home learning activities to enhance independent learning.   

  • Forget perfection

In the starting stage of independent learning, it is not important to learn everything perfectly. It would be best if you forget about perfection at the first stage. The main thing is to encourage your kid to learn the skills of self-study. In this process, the kids could get acquainted with independent learning quickly and effectively. Further, you can also challenge your kid to complete some work without any help for better practice.

  • Identify opportunities

You could help your children to answer the question first. And then encourage them to find the answer themselves. These opportunities could create a better understanding in the kid's mind. By doing so, you can help your child to identify the opportunities by providing them different options. You could also make a list of tasks for your kids and make a schedule for them to complete those tasks. Identifying better opportunities could help your kids to increase their willingness. This, in turn, will encourage them to try things on their own.

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  • Do local volunteer work.

You may ask your kids to do different local volunteering works to encourage better learning capabilities. And it is also important for you to praise your kids for completing any task that they have done. Also, carrying out local volunteer work could be the best practice for independent learning. It is the best way to enhance independent learning skills quickly.

  • Keep track and record of own homework and test

You must allow your kids to keep a perfect track and record of their own homework and tests. It is a simple task that your kids could do easily. But it is the first step that could help your kids learn something new and do their work on their own. Let your kid understand and do their work themselves. This, in fact, will make them independent, and they will learn to be responsible. This step could effectively help your kid develop independent learning capabilities.

  • Organizing the schedule

You could also ask your kids to organize their schedules on their own. Organizing their schedule could encourage your kid to complete their work as per the schedule. It helps the kids to take on some responsibilities. Asking your kids to organize their work schedules could perfectly enhance their independent learning skills at home.

These are some of the effective tips that could make your work easier and quicker. You may follow these tips and could encourage your child for effective independent learning at home. Try them out and make your child responsible enough to perform his/her study tasks independently.

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