Top 10 Qualities of the Best English Tutor

Jul 22, 2020

The English Language:

The English language was first spoken during the Middle Ages, by the Anglo-Saxon people in England. According to historians during the 5th Century AD the Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes tribe brought this language to England and gradually it gained its popularity and spread all over the world.
Today most of the world speak this language and people from different countries are eager to learn the subject. The basic reason behind this keenness is to get jobs easily as most of the high profile companies situated globally prefer English speaking personnel as their employees. In the world wide web and social media, English is the most pro-active medium of communication and so it has become a must, to know the language, its grammar, how to read, write and express it. It is also the business language of the world. Exchange of trade and other commercial activities throughout the world have English as the common language of communication.

Reading, Writing, and Grammar:

Since English is the most popular language in the world, a significant vocabulary is essential to gain knowledge about the language. Reading helps to increase vocabulary. While reading English one finds a lot of new words that he or she is not aware of. The construction of the sentence or the subject of the writings helps the reader to guess the meanings of them. This is only possible because of extensive reading. A lot of times these new words are repeated in the writings and the reader memorizes those words. He or she may use a dictionary to find the exact meanings or simply guess the meanings of the words judging the construction of the sentences. In both cases the vocabulary increases.
Reading also helps in strengthening the grammatical structures of sentences that a reader comes across again and again. Strong knowledge of grammatical structures helps a learner to speak and write English fluently. Compared to listening, writing, or speaking reading is an easier way to practice the English language as it is more convenient than the others. Reading also helps learners to explore the world around them. Students can read about anything to gather knowledge. It can be literature, news, manuals or handbooks, cooking books, websites, blogs, and many others.

A successful communicator must possess the four essential tools of communication. They are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Listening and speaking are considered more effective as they are the foundation of any conversation. Reading, as mentioned earlier helps to build vocabulary. In today's world, people tend to put the writing skill in a back seat. But to give solid shape to the language structure, writing is a must. The more you write your thoughts and ideas get organized helping you to construct perfect sentences while you speak. Writing is like a backup copy or a record of your mode of communication. Once you compare your early writings with the present ones, you can compare them, realize your progress, and correct your mistakes. Writing is the method of maturing your vocabulary and sentence structures.

It is essential to understand the grammar of any language. It is the grammar of the language that determines the expression, objective, period, and the idea of communication.  Grammatical mistakes in any verbal or written communication can convey a wrong message and may end up being misinterpreted. Grammar is the basis of any language and it is a must to learn if you wish to understand it properly.

Be it learning to read, write, speak, or to understand English grammar it is always advisable to consult an English tutor. An expert English tutor can guide you to understand the language in a comparatively easier method than the free online tutorials available on the internet.

10 Qualities Of The Best English Tutor:

  • English tutor should love teaching: Teaching is different from doing an office job. It involves the life of a student too. Doing a nine to five job and collecting a paycheque at the end of the month should not be his or her motto. Love and passion for the subject should be the first criteria to be a successful English tutor.
  • English tutor should have a good knowledge of the subject he or she is teaching: If a tutor does not have a clear knowledge about the subject, it becomes difficult for him or her to convey that concept to a student. It turns out to be the transmission of data rather than sharing knowledge.
  • English tutor should be lively and entertaining: Who does not want a tutor who is friendly and lively? How would you like a tutor who is grumpy and only interested in pounding knowledge to you? An English tutor must be lively and entertaining especially for students who are learning English for the first time or English as a foreign language. The tutor needs to communicate a lot of messages through gestures as the language is new to them. Entertaining gestures encourage them to adopt the language quickly than the old orthodox way of teaching.
  • English tutor should be kind and patient: Not only to the students but a tutor should be kind to their parents too. An English tutor should keep in mind that the student and the parents have appointed him or her for a specific purpose. The purpose is his or her knowledge about the English language that is superior to them and so that the student can grasp the knowledge innovatively. Kindness is an intrinsic quality of any tutor and patience is a virtue in the teaching profession.
  • English tutor should be able to motivate students: Sometimes it is seen that how patient and lively a tutor may be students seem disinterested in the subject. The reason could be psychological, learning atmosphere, or simply the age factor. An English tutor should be able to cope up with all these kinds of interferences and motivate students to get involved to learn the English language.
  • English tutor should always interact with the student: Communication is the success behind any exchange of thought process and for that, the tutor should continuously interact with the student. Reading, writing, speaking (mostly grammatical errors happen during this time) English may be difficult for the student to interact with the tutor. A good tutor makes the atmosphere easy for the student so that he or she can continuously interact.
  • English tutor should always correct the student: The tutor should convince the student not to be afraid of making mistakes. It is through making mistakes, perfection is attained. The tutor should not be maddened by the same mistakes made by the students while learning English. Instead, he or she should correct the students over and over again by pointing out the error.
  • English tutor should always involve the student in any activity: Activity-based learning is more scientific than textbook learning that involves one-way communication by taking notes. An intelligent English tutor involves a student in the learning process through various activities where learning becomes more interesting and fun.
  • English tutor should always help the student to discover his or her weakness: As mentioned earlier, a lot of students try to hide their weakness because of sheer shyness. The reason behind the shyness is lack of reading, writing, and speaking ability. The English tutor discovers that weakness and gives more emphasis on the weakness to overcome it.
  • English tutor should be passionate about the subject but should care more about how a student picks up the language: An English teacher must be passionate about the language and that is the reason he or she has chosen to teach the subject to students. But the zeal towards the subject must be secondary to the eagerness to teach and find out various ways to find out how his or her students pick up the language easily.


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