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Select Best Accounting Online Class! For Beginners to Advance

The role of an accountant has been transformed from its traditional avatar. The middle-aged spectacle-wearing accountant working among a mountain of files and paperwork has been changed to an army of young professionals. They are comfortable working on the latest software and tools. Mod

Feb 09, 2023 Career Options
Sudipto Das

5 Key Questions Students Need to Ask at an Office Interview

Preparing for a job interview? Both matters a lot when you want to make your career right way. Applying for all the open positions in most of the companies through email is a good idea, but the employer needs to make a decision of calling you for an interview. Your resume has to say it all about

Apr 10, 2020 Career Options
Sudipto Das

Can Astrophysics Be a Significant Career Choice?

Did you have a dream of being an astronaut? Did the stars, the galaxies, and the planets intrigue when you were just a kid? If they did, then astrophysics might exactly be the right career choice for you. Astrophysics is definitely a demanding subject. You have to start early if you wan

Oct 14, 2019 Career Options