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Sudipto Das

Better Ways of Utilizing Holidays

Holidays are the most memorable and enjoyable period in a child’s life. It provides them a time of relaxation after a tedious and heavy journey of the entire academic year. However, utilizing these holidays in the most productive way becomes important. Making the holiday beneficial and prof

Jul 22, 2021 Life Hacks
Sudipto Das

Ways Students Can Make the Most of Their Summer Holidays

Kids from school and colleges wait eagerly for their summer vacations. It is the only time of year, when they get a big break from the school curriculum. But, the biggest concern is how the students utilize their vacation time. Schools and colleges do give homework and tasks, but they are not suf

Jun 22, 2021 Life Hacks
Sudipto Das

Top 20 Plagiarism Checker Tools That Helps Teaching Professionals

Any educator in today’s time has to check multiple assignments of the students, and it is common to see the students submitting plagiarized content. Gone are the days when teaching professionals had

Jun 18, 2021 Academics Life Hacks
Sudipto Das

Introducing SET, a Card Game based on Logical and Cognitive Reasoning

SET is a family card game based on visual perception. This game has won 35 game awards that also include the prestigious MENSA award. SET can be a good travel game, a perfect party game as well as a good afternoon game. This game teaches logical reasoning and is immensely fun to play with. Most i

Oct 07, 2019 Life Hacks